The Eco Friendly Dog: How To Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

There are loads of easy steps to owning an eco friendly dog. From eco friendly dog toys to eco friendly dog poop bags, the UK is full of fantastic eco-friendly dog brands to go green with your four-legged friend. Here we talk about some of the best eco friendly dog products on the British market and where to find them to have your very own zero waste dog.

Sustainable/ Eco friendly dog toys

Dogs toys that are built to last from natural products are the true meaning of sustainable, but also indestructible dog toys. Look out for toys made of natural rubber, recycled plastics and hemp rope – a material that actually helps clean your dogs teeth as they play. These products are safer and way better for the environment than your average dog toy, not sure where to look? Beco Pets are at the forefront of eco friendly toys for dogs in the UK, find their stuff here on Ethical Superstore.

Eco friendly biodegradable dog poop bags

While there are a lot of eco friendly dog poo bags on the UK market now, not all are compostable or biodegradable and can leave behind nasty microplastics. Certain multimillion dollar online retailers have jumped on the trend but haven’t necessarily followed up with the ethics. Make sure to check the company you are getting them from to make sure the materials are 100% eco friendly. Paper poop bags are the future, Brian Harper launched his dog-poo powered biogas street lamp on a beautiful trail in the Malvern Hills. Local walkers use free paper dog poo bags and put it into a bin that feeds into a bio-digester, producing methane that powers the lamp.

Best eco-friendly dog beds

Eco friendly dog beds are made out of recycled plastics and eco friendly materials like hemp that are more soft and comfy. They can last for at least 2 years if cared for properly reducing waste even further. Look for labels such as “100% organic” or recycled materials as indication of a durable and sustainable pet bed. Project Blu and Danish Design Retreat have some great options for a paw-fect nights sleep.

Eco-friendly dog bowls

Pet bowls made from recycled materials are popping up all over the place. From recycled plastic to waste plant fibre material. But there are some concerns over plastic bowls, they can easily get chewed which causes sharp edges and of course there’s BPA, something tested for in human grade plastics but not in the pet industry. A great alternative is any food grade ceramics you have spare, that old bowl in the cupboard that no-one has used since 1998 is perfect! As long as they aren’t chipped or cracked as it can harbour nasty bacteria. Collapsible silicone bowls are great for when you’re on the go, non toxic and inert, silicone is the wonder eco material. And of course good old stainless steel. It is used in kitchens and hospitals everywhere for a reason: It’s hardwearing, hygienic and lasts forever. Get unique personalised dog bowl holders on Etsy, so they don’t go wandering around the kitchen!

Eco-friendly dog collars UK

Eco dog collars are often made of recycled plastics or other non polluting manufacturing processes. They are sturdy, washable and built to last, as we all know the less you need to buy and replace things, the less impact on the environment. Project Blu are one such company using recycled plastics, these include ocean-bound plastic, recycled clothes, recycled leather and discarded fishing nets to make eco dog collars. 

Eco-friendly dog food

One of the biggest causes of waste when being a pup parent is dog food, a lot of packaging can be unrecyclable and add to the mountains of landfill. Tinned food is the best option as it’s 100% recyclable, but if you use dry food consider buying in bulk. Just make sure to store it securely so it stays fresh and avoids waste. There are some great eco dog food brands that are using locally sourced and natural ingredients to reduce the impact on the environment.

Barking Heads are one of the best UK dog food brands stating “Our entire product range is made from natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. These are derived from ethical sources, which is not only healthier for the animals consuming our food, but better for the environment.”

Make your own dog food/ Raw dog food

Another option is to make your own dog food if you can. This is a great way to save on the waste of human food and feed your dog fresh food every day. There are several things you should avoid feeding your dog like onions and chocolate but most meat, veggies and fruit is great as a part of a balanced diet for your dog. There are some fantastic UK dog food recipe ideas on We Cook For Dogs that are healthy and tasty for your doglet.


That’s right one of the best ways to go green with your dog is to go on more walks without the car. Next time you need to pop to the shops or around a friends leave the car behind and take the dog instead. Keep fit, save the planet and have a very happy dog too! You Eco Warrior, you.

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Eco-friendly dog gifts

There are some fantastic eco friendly dog gifts available in the UK, whether you are treating your pup or buying for another pup parent. We love the welcome pack from Barking Heads, natural treats and snacks your pooch will love that are also good for the planet, all for less than a tenner! 

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