Jack Russell puppies for sale – 10 tips to getting a Jack Russell Terrier safely

Jack Russell Puppy For Sale

Are you looking to buy a Jack Russell puppy? Searching for Jack Russell puppies for sale near me? Getting a Jack Russell Terrier can be a lot of work and there are some things that you need to know before owning a Jack Russell Terrier. Start off on the right foot with this essential guide to getting a Jack Russell.

Is a JRT the right dog for you, here are some quick Jack Russell Facts if you’re still unsure, or read everything you need to know about Jack Russells here.

Jack Russell life span

Average Jack Russell Lifespan: 13 – 16 years

Jack Russell Dog Temperament

Jack Russells are intelligent, highly active and love the outdoors. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation otherwise they can have problems with excessive barking, separation anxiety and destructive behaviour. Read more about the pros and cons of owning a Jack Russell here.

Free New Dog Starter Checklist

Are you ready for a new dog? Get your free puppy starter checklist here, including what’s legally required in the UK for your new dog.

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Cheap or free Jack Russell puppies for sale

Puppy farms are real and puppy smuggling is on the increase. Smuggled puppies can suffer life-threatening health conditions or life-long behavioural challenges and, sadly, some have very short lives. Smugglers will be in a rush to get rid of the puppies, often using online adverts for speed. Make sure to form a relationship with the breeders and visit several times, if they are good breeders they will want to know where their puppy is going to as well. A Jack Russell puppy shouldn’t leave it’s mum until it is at least 8 weeks old, so plenty of time to make an informed decision.

Registered Jack Russell Breeders

Pet shops can no longer sell puppies as it became illegal for anyone who isn’t the breeder to sell puppies in the UK in April 2020. The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 states that in the United Kingdom breeders need to have a license if they breed 3 or more litters in a year (or 5 if they are in Scotland).

The Puppy Contract is a great way to make sure you are buying a puppy responsibly. Read more on the laws for dog owners and breeders in the UK.

Puppies from a good breeder should come vaccinated, microchipped and wormed with the relevant health certificates. If you are looking to buy a pedigree Jack Russell you can find a registered breeder in the UK through the Kennel Club.

How to train a Jack Russell puppy

Adopting a Jack Russell Vs Rehoming a Jack Russell

Buying a Jack Russell puppy for sale

Buying a Jack Russell puppy online can be a bit of a minefield. Some breeders are only interested in cash and treat the dogs extremely poorly, or worse the mother or puppies could even be stolen just to make a profit. This can lead to a very unwell puppy especially if it’s been taken away from the mother too early. Make sure that you always see the mum, over several visits, and dad (if possible) and read these things to look out for in online puppy adverts. It’s important to find a good puppy breeder as this dog will need looking after for life.

Rehoming a Jack Russell Terrier

Unfortunately, there are plenty of Jack Russells that don’t end up in a forever home. Whether it’s from lack of training, a change in circumstances or just a change of heart it’s rarely the dog that’s to blame. There are some fantastic Jack Russell rescue centres in the UK who are working hard to rehabilitate and rehome Jack Russells. In many ways it’s actually better than getting a puppy as the dog has had all it’s health checks and vaccinations, as well as being housetrained and are often trained in many other areas.


Jack Russell rescue centres in the UK

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue UK

Terrier Rescue UK



Dogs Trust

Jack Russell Puppies

Costs of owning a Jack Russell Terrier

How much does it cost to buy a Jack Russell? Rehoming a Jack Russell might be a much more cost-effective option. Many ask for a small donation for rehoming to cover the costs of looking after the dog, as well as others that need help. Jack Russell puppies have recently skyrocketed in price, with an increase in demand that has unfortunately led to an increase in puppy smuggling.

If you are buying a Jack Russell Terrier puppy you should always make sure to buy from a registered Jack Russell breeder to avoid puppy farms and health problems caused by inbreeding. A good breeder will always make sure the puppy is properly weaned and has all the necessary vaccinations before they are sold.

How much does owning a Jack Russell cost?

Jack Russell cost per month= £50, and up to £8900 over their lifetime.

Consider the initial cost of equipment like leads collars etc. and vaccinations for puppies as well as the ongoing costs of boosters. Other costs for a Jack Russell include food, vet bills or pet insurance, accessories, training, board (if you go on holiday), and dog sitting/ walking services.

Find a dog trainer near you on Bark.

Bringing a new Jack Russell home

It’s important to set boundaries from the very moment you bring your new Jack Russell home. It’s exciting for us to be bringing a new member into the family, but can be overwhelming for the dog and quite stressful. It’s essential to remain calm, take a slow approach and not let the dog loose immediately in the house (the equivalent of saying “There are no rules, do what you like!”). Read these simple guides to bringing a new Jack Russell home and how to train a Jack Russell puppy.


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