How long do Jack Russells live for? Up to 23 according to Brit owners

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What is the average Jack Russell lifespan? This breed is fun, energetic and loyal, but before you get a JR you might want to know how long do Jack Russells live?

The good news is that they have one of the longest lifespans of any dog breed.

How long do Jack Russells live for?

What age do Jack Russell Terriers live to? The average Jack Russell life span is anywhere between 13-16 years, but the average Jack Russell life expectancy in Britain is much higher due to nutritional diets and good healthcare.

Jack Russells can live well in to their late teens and early 20’s with the right diet and exercise.

The average Jack Russell terrier life span is 13 to 16 years

Jack Russell Terrier Family

How old is a Jack Russell in human years?

Not many people know that seven dog years does not equal one human year for every dog breed.

That rule only really applies to larger breeds and Jack Russells can actually live much longer.

See our chart below for your Jack Russells age in human years.

The link between nutrition and the Jack Russell life span

We all know that food is important to our health. “We are what we eat” and the same goes for our four legged counterparts.

Dogs need a well balanced, nutritional diet with all the vitamins and minerals they need to keep them healthy into old age.

Read more on what to feed a Jack Russell terrier here.

It’s also important not to feed them certain human foods, anything too salty, sweet or fatty can have a really negative effect on their health.

Read how to tell if you have an overweight Jack Russell if you’re concerned about your pups weight.

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Owning a Jack Russell terrier

Know your Zoomies from your pluffing? Yeah, you’ve got a Jack Russell terrier! they are full of energy and mischief and that’s how we like them.

Jack Russells are super smart and busy dogs that need a lot of time and patience. We have even made a checklist of Things every Jack Russell owner needs.

Of course training a Jack Russell properly is one of the best ways to bond with your pup, get them used to rules, and avoid issues like excessive barking and separation anxiety.

Jack Russell health problems

Whether you have a smelly Jack Russell, a fat Jack Russell, or a noisy Jack Russell, we don’t mind as long as they are healthy.

To know what to look out for check these 8 common health problems in Jack Russells.

We’ve already mentioned how diet can have a huge impact on a Jack Russells health but some plants can help too. There are some fantastic healthy herbs for Jack Russells, that can help a lot of common issues.

Can Jack Russells eat human food

When will a Jack Russell calm down?

We get asked this one a lot!

Generally speaking, Jack Russells start to calm down at around 11 or 12 years old.

Is your dog getting bored and destructive? Read these tips on how to tire out a Jack Russell terrier.

Jack Russell puppies can have a lot of energy and need lots of training games and attention to keep them busy.

Caring for an older Jack Russell

Like us dogs start to slow down as they get older. Being less active means they need less protein in their diet in favour of things like Omega 3’s and Glucosamine to help keep joints healthy.

Dog health supplements can be a great way to support your JRs diet as they get older. How long do Jack Russells live for? You might be surprised just how old they can get to!

How old is the oldest Jack Russell terrier?

Britain oldest dog was believed to be a Jack Russell named Charlie who passed in 2019 aged 23! So how old do Jack Russells live to? It can totally depend on each individual and how completely spoilt they are!

How long do Jack Russells live

Famous Jack Russells

The Jack Russells intelligence and charisma have led them to be quite well known over the years. From great explorers to starring roles here’s a roundup of some of the most memorable JR’s.

Nipper the perhaps the first famous Jack Russell, born in 1884. He was the inspiration for the painting Dog looking at and listening to a Phonograph, later renamed to His Master’s Voice. But it’s probably better known for it’s later use as the HMV logo.

A Jack Russell named Bothy made history in 1982 as part of the Transglobe Expedition. Owned by explorer Ranulph Fiennes, he became the first dog to travel to both the north and south poles. An impressive ‘tale’.

Father and son team Moose and Enzo played Eddie in the long-running sitcom Fraser. Perhaps best known for the famous Jack-Russell-stares that unnerve the radio psychiatrist. They received more fan mail than any other character on the show.

In the Mask starring Jim Carey the real star was Max. The Jack Russell Terrier played the role of Milo (after which our very own JR is named!) who is one of Stanley Ipkiss’s only friends in the 1994 U.S film.


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